Converts to Islam (Men)

Feedback: Converts to Islam (Men)

  1. Chaplain Yusuf Estes

    Many people ask me how a preacher or priest in Christianity can ever go to Islam, especially considering all the negative things that we hear about Islam and Muslims everyday. Some people are simply curious, while others take a profound exception to my "conversion" to Islam. Some have asked how I could have turned my back on Jesus, or if I truly understood the Holy Ghost and some even questioned whether or not I considered myself as "born again" or had ever really been saved at all. These are good questions to which I will offer answers to at the end of this writing. I would like to thank everyone for their interest and offer my humble story, God Willing.

    One very nice Christian gentleman asked me in email why and how I left Christianity for Islam. This is more or less a copy of the letter I sent to him. [continued...]

  2. Rev. David Benjamin Keldani (1867-19xx)

    "My conversion to Islam cannot be attributed to any cause other than the gracious direction of the Almighty Allah. Without this Divine guidance all learning, search and other efforts to find the Truth may even lead one astray. The moment I believed in the Absolute Unity of God, His holy Apostle Muhammad became the pattern of my conduct and behavior."

    Prof. Keldani, a former Catholic bishop, accepted Islam in 1904 and adopted a Muslim name 'Abdul-Ahad Dawud'. The above quote is taken from his scholarly work Muhammad in the Bible. An expert in Biblical scripts and languages, Prof. Keldani published many scholarly papers on the Bible and Christianity prior to his becoming a Muslim. His Muhammad in the Bible is rich with deep analysis and although published originally many decades ago, has remained today without a parallel on this topic in both originality and scholarship.

  3. Cat Stevens (Now Yusuf Islam), former British pop star.

    All I have to say is all what you know already, to confirm what you already know, the message of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) as given by God - the Religion of Truth. As human beings we are given a consciousness and a duty that has placed us at the top of creation. Man is created to be God's deputy on earth, and it is important to realize the obligation to rid ourselves of all illusions and to make our lives a preparation for the next life. Anybody who misses this chance is not likely to be given another, to be brought back again and again, because it says in Quran that when man is brought to account, he will say, "O Lord, send us back and give us another chance." The Lord will say, "If I send you back you will do the same." [continued...]

  4. Dr. Murad Wilfred Hofmann (b. 1931)

    "I began to see Islam with its own eyes, as the unadulterated, pristine belief in the one and only, the true God, Who does not beget, and was not begotten, Whom nothing and nobody resembles " In place of the qualified deism of a tribal God and the constructions of a divine Trinity, the Quran showed me the most lucid, most straightforward, the most abstract - thus historically most advanced " and least anthropomorphic concept of God. The Quran�s ontological statements, as well as its ethical teachings, impressed me as profoundly plausible, "as good as gold," so there was no room for even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of Muhammad�s prophetic mission. People who understand human nature cannot fail to appreciate the infinite wisdom of the "Dos and Don�ts" handed down from God to man in the form of the Quran." [continued...]