Converts to Islam (Women)

Feedback: Converts to Islam (Women)

  1. Hayat Anne Collins Osman

    I was raised in a religious Christian family. At that time, Americans were more religious than they are now - most families went to church every Sunday, for example. My parents were involved in the church community. We often had ministers (Protestant "priests") in the house. My mother taught in Sunday school, and I helped her.

    I must have been more religious than other children, although I don�t remember being so. For one birthday, my aunt gave me a Bible, and my sister a doll. Another time, I asked my parents for a prayer book, and I read it daily for many years. [continued...]

  2. Natassia Kelly

    I was raised to believe in God from childhood. I attended church nearly every Sunday, went to Bible school, and sang in the choir. Yet religion was never a really big part of my life.

    There were times when I thought myself close to God. I often prayed to him for guidance and strength in times of despair or for a wish in times of want. But I soon realized that this feeling of closeness soon evaporated when I was no longer begging God for something. I realized that I even though I believed, I lacked faith. [continued...]

  3. Sister Kylie

    "At 6.00 am this morning I stood out side in the light of the morning raise well it was not quite up yet but I said the Shahadah and did a little prayer, and a feeling of overwhelming happiness had hit my heart. I felt light as I was saying it. First I did it in English and then tried it in Arabic. The Arabic sounds so lovely and has more feeling than what it does in the English. I hope that I pronounced it right. I am so looking forward to the teachings that you are willing to help me with so thank you for taking the time to help me on my path to Allah. I do have one question the fasting the month of Ramadan what is this about? I would love to know more.

    Thank you again and thank you to Allah for allowing me to have the opportunity to share in his love and thank you to Muhammad for leading me to Him and thank you to all of you soon to be your Muslim sister Kylie New Zealand.

    xxxooo for all those who have helped me in the right direction."

  4. Sister C. Huda Dodge

    Since I have started reading and posting on this newsgroup a few months ago, I have noticed a great interest in converts (reverts) to Islam: how are people introduced to it, what attracts people to this faith, how their life changes when they embrace Islam, etc. I have received a lot of e-mail from people asking me these questions. In this post, I hope insha'Allah to address how, when and why an American like myself came to embrace Islam. [continued...]